Emirates - Worldwide
Emirates - this airline is a “true master of the skies” and holds a well deserved ranking as one of the worlds leading airlines. Conceived in 1985 and initially backed by Dubai's Royal family, they quickly set standards that many other airlines found difficult to match. Although helped initially with government start up capital they were required to operate independent of subsidies and have done so admirably.
It now covers many global routes, has won numerous awards and its fleet is probably the most modern in the world. In a relative short time it has built a strong brand image as a trendsetter in the aviation industry particularly in terms of service, excellence and reliability. This has been achieved through the strong leadership of Chairman Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum supported by a highly competent and skilled management team. This airline is yet another example of how when Dubai get involved in a project they set the bar in standards for others to follow.


: Exceptional

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